Marketing tool


as a marketing tool

Why not to have your own promotional water?

Why not to communicate an idea or motto to your neighborhood?

Do you support a good thing? Let everybody know it.

Hand out water with your own logo and idea on a charity event or a marathon run.

Do you arrange parties for your emloyees or customers?

Why not to give them water with your logo or motto?

Each bottle is an original.

You can have several thousend of different looks

without a single repetition thanks to

our computer program and unique graphics.

We offer still water,

lightly carbonated water or sparkling water.

Under offer are white,

blue and green seals.

Price list

of bottles
Price for 0,5 l bottle including your own advertisement sleeve Quantity
of cartons
480 pcs 0,60 Euro 40 cartons
960 pcs 0,54 Euro 80 cartons
1 296 pcs 0,46 Euro 108 cartons
2 004 pcs 0,40 Euro 167 cartons
4 800 pcs 0,35 Euro 400 cartons
More than 4 800 pcs individual price offer.

Dimmension of print: 224 x 180mm

Water packing - 12 pcs carton/1296 on a pallet 

Minimal quantity 40 cartons / total 480 bottles i.e. almost half a pallet 

Extra design (new sort of a graphic theme) + 12Euro

Delivery time is 4 - 6 weeks after the approval of the proof.

VAT and transport costs are not included in the stipulated prices.




Foundation Světluška

We have been a partner of the Světluška Foundation for several years. On October 17, 2020, we participated in the live broadcast " Světlo pro Světlušku ", foundation managed to collect over 2 000 000 CZK using donor SMS

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FSC® Certificate

This is to inform you, that we were successfully certified in June, 2019 and became holder of the FSC® certificate (Licence Code: FSC-C149769). 

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We support price „Ď“!

On 26th April there was a regional nomination of the Prizes in the Central Bohemian Region, which we have been supporting for 10 years. 

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SVS in a new coat

Redesign of the company 

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Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the SVS

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SVS 

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