About us

We produce labels since the year 1991. 

We are a Czech family company producing labels since the year 1991.

With 49 employees we produced 500 millions labels last year covering all industrial branches. 

We endeavour to innovate and to automate our system in order to accelerate the execution of orders in the company, so that we can supply you with high quality products as quickly as possible.

Our main assets are the individual approach to each customer and long years experience.


Being manufacturing company we are aware of our environmental responsibilities and that is why the operation of our whole building was designed in such a manner, that friendly materials to environment are preferably used including recycling of waste heat. 

By processing of paper materials we use FSC® certified materials. Therefore, we are sure, that the processed materials originated in friendly cultivated forests and no wood has been delivered from questionable sources.

At the same time, we are holder of the certificate of the System of environmental management corresponding to the norm ČSN EN ISO 14001. 

Thanks to our presence in the system of the company EKO-KOM, we regularly comply with the obligation of the waste recycling and utilization of waste from packaging and contribute hereby to the improvement of environment and reduction of „carbon footprint“. 

Management of SVS sets out following principles of quality policy and environmental care 

To develop constantly the resources of the company in such a way, that it‘s position on the markets of the Czech Republic and the European Union is stable and it’s clientelle expanded. 
By permanent improvements of the efficiency of processes in the existing integrated system, monitoring customers needs and adhering to every law and legislative rule to secure continuity and growth of the company to the benefit of customers, employees, owners of the company and the company as such. 
To develop material and financial resources, mainly procurement of new equipment, so that the rendered services are of the highest standard and brand new services can be offered to the clients. 
The environmental problems are considered when making decisions concerning the activities of our company. The principal aim is the prevention of pollution and reduction of waste in introductory stages of the printing process. The respect to valid environmental legislation is a must. 
To educate and to motivate employees for constant adquisition of necessary skills as far as policy for quality and preservation of environment are concerned, increase of environmental awareness and enforcement of obligations stipulated in this Policy for quality and environmental care. 



Foundation Světluška

We have been a partner of the Světluška Foundation for several years. On October 17, 2020, we participated in the live broadcast " Světlo pro Světlušku ", foundation managed to collect over 2 000 000 CZK using donor SMS

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FSC® Certificate

This is to inform you, that we were successfully certified in June, 2019 and became holder of the FSC® certificate (Licence Code: FSC-C149769). 

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We support price „Ď“!

On 26th April there was a regional nomination of the Prizes in the Central Bohemian Region, which we have been supporting for 10 years. 

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SVS in a new coat

Redesign of the company 

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Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the SVS

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SVS 

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