Here we will briefly go through our printing technologies


Digital print or „digital offset“ , as we can hear from time to time, is a printing technology combining the quality of offset print with the speed and variability of digital print. 

Significant advantage of digital print is the variability in production of orders containing larger assortment, so that the data are sent straight to the printing machine and there is no need for printing plates and clichés as it is in case of offset print, silk screen print or flexo print.

Digital print provides the variability of print on various bottom materials from paper via foils to plastics and different special materials specified for digital print.




Flexo print is one of the printing techniques, where paint is transferred to the surface of a rubber roller or a printing plate by means of a system of rollers, the most important of which is the anilox roller. This type of print may be , with certain simplification, compared to a rubber stamp. 

Flexo print is a high quality print with a good profitability in case of large quantity of copies. The advantage of flexo print is the variability of printing on various basic materials like papers, foils, cartons, plastics etc. 




The utility of flat silk screen printing is high resistivity of labels thanks to the possibility to impaste thicker coat of paint, that is hardened by UV light. Thanks to this technology the labels are resistant against stroke, attrition, UV radiance and chemical evaporations. In connection with our aim at innovation and automation we have purchased a new modern silk screen printing machine including the highest standard accessories. This equipment can manage several printing treatments e.g. hot stamping, embossing, dembossing, relief varnish or lamination during a single printing process.

It is important to know, that an individual screen for each colour is needed. Our flat screen print works with straight colours. 



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On 26th April there was a regional nomination of the Prizes in the Central Bohemian Region, which we have been supporting for 10 years. 

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Redesign of the company 

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Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the SVS

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SVS 

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