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These labels are used preliminary for print in thermotransfer printers in the factory of our customer by means of thermotransfer ribbon or by heat only, with the printing head and use of thermo sensitive material. In these cases, the labels are usually printed with bar codes and further complementary information.

It is possible to have the labels either white or coloured for easy recognition in warehouses, shelves or direct on products.
We deliver thermotransfer ribbons, printers, software as well as warranty and post warranty service.
Next options in label prints are inject print or laser marking.


High quality food and beverages bear frequently high quality labels with designed elements, as to invite customers to buy certain products. This is enabled by graphics, by refinement or by special materials.

It is very important to know where and when the labels will be used and what the temperature will be. Very essential is also the proper selection of adhesive material by marking of deep frozen products, because the adhesion of labels in different climatic conditions can be guarenteed only thanks to correctly selected adhesive material.


There is no other branch where the rule „the package sells“ is more valid. With our technology we are able to produce labels with embossing, partial varnish, print into adhesive or to eliminate the adhesive. Your own experience shows how difficult it is to stand in front of a shopwindow full of one type of product in different packages and not to know which one to choose. An usual and cheap one, a more expensive golden, silvered, glittering or that one in an attractive package?

The selection of material is very important even in case of this product as far as shape for application of the label is concerned and in view of functionality and contents of a cosmetic product as well.


Do you want your household to be as shining as a label on the floor wax box? Even this type of labels can be provided with designed materials and with refinement. Despite this treatment, they will stick to the individual product as long as possible without changing their appearance.

Of course, the selection of proper material and type of print is very important here, too. You do not want to loose any information from your label, if oil, liquid or other aggressive contents stain your product.


The labels for pharmaceutical industry are destined mainly for boxes, cups, pill bottles, tubs and other types of packaging.

Our production technology has the possibility to offer Braillescript, invisible print for securing the authenticity of the product and refinement with embossing, elimination of adhesive or with print to adhesive. Self adhesive labels produced from special materials by special technologies excel with high quality and resistence against abrasion, humidity, UV radiance and chemicals.
Each individual label is subject to quality inspection.


These are special self adhesive labels that help to protect authenticity of products. The special safety materials and paints guarantee maximal protection of your product against copying or falsification.

The possibility of combination of printing technologies enables to use variable data, invisible print, hologram, fluorescence, special cutting shapes.
The labels may contain also the embossing or metal stamping. You can use these labels for clamping official documents, sealing against disruption or unprofessional handling of your product (medicines, electronics, food, fire extinguishers, slot machines, grids, cash desks etc.)


Durability 10, 20, 30 years is no problem, if the material, paints and technology are adequatly selected. We deliver these labels for production processes and extremely severe conditions.

These are labels with production codes, plates, information panels, TV plates, computer plates, plates of electronics, controls and keyboards.
In most cases, these are resistant plates produced from PET ( polyethylentereftalat) and PC (polycarbonate) with special characteristics and functions.
The labels are resistant against stroke, attrition, sea water, UV radiance, chemicals and extreme heat.


In this segment we can find labels with Braille writing, eventually with a warning triangle produced by the identical technology as Braille writing.

Included to this type are also labels with print to adhesive, that can be seen on sliding doors in shopping centres or restaurants.
Furthermore, we can mention here peel off labels (labels with several layers), that are used, if normal labels are not large enough to absorb all the compulsory and required information.


Here we have a another way to mark a product. The advantage of this type of packing is utilization of the whole surface of the product for the necessary information and marketing purposes.

This is the fastest growing trend in production of packaging. Unique is the combination of print of changing data on the package with our digital print, opening you new possibilities for marketing exploitation of your package. Instead of having usual packing of hair shampoo, wine, water … you can have a packing offering added value.
Nondisputable advantage of digital print is the saving of printing tools in comparison with printing of shrink sleeve packaging in flexo print technology by manufacture of more sorts of packaging. You are welcome to contact us for more information.



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